New Japanese books are on sale. Dazai's "No longer human".

Japanese books are slightly more popular than before (Part 2).

After strolling around the store, I found many Japanese books that I was not familiar with.

I had a strange sensation when I found this book on the main stand spotlit.

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No Longer Human by Junji Ito .

According to my research, this is originally Osamu Dazai's legendary novel "Ningen Shikkaku".

And found out that this is a comic based on that story in horror touch. You can see a little bit of the contents in the following link.

Dazai is not my favorite author because of his negative thoughts about life itself. However, this work is one of his most recognized novels. He killed himself in 1948 after finishing the whole manuscript. It was published right after his death and still keeps his sales as one of the bestsellers' list.

I happen to have this novel in my apartment but never read it because of his negativeness, but I now think of reading it as Mexicans would ask me about it.


And also, found a very contemporary famous love story in the same bookstore.

It is called "Sekai no Chushin de Ai o Sakebu" by Kyoichi Katayama. The story is filmed too.

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I was happy when I found it on the main shelf.

I will keep you posted about other books in the following blogs.