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    Latin-oriented Japanese travel writer

    Born in Osaka, Japan in 1971. Studied Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico during a two-year break as a student at Tsukuba University, Japan. He experienced a "forced Latinization" of personality during the two years before returning to Japan.
    On his return, he completed his final year in Sociology gaining a bachelor's degree. After graduating from university, he worked as a gem buyer, purchasing diamonds, pearls, opals, and other precious stones in India, Hong Kong, and other countries around the world. Subsequently, he moved back to Japan, where he worked as a sales representative for magazine advertisements and was a starting member of a new web marketing business. He is currently working for a Japanese food company in Mexico, where he is in charge of PR and advertising.
    As a husband and father of two daughters, he is also responsible for preparing meals and cleaning up afterward on weekends. His specialty in cooking is oven-baked pork belly with tomatoes.
    Fascinated by travels and creative writing, he is always looking for short holidays between busy office working days. In 2021, his first book “山と電波とラブレター (Mountains, radio waves and a love letter)” was published in Japanese.


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