Japanese books are slightly more popular than before (Part 1).

I visited Pemdulo, Polanco in Mexico City.

I am proud of Japanese culture and the authors as I visit bookstores in Mexico.

I found some new books, others classics.

It has been always a lot of fun to look for Japanese books out of Japan.

I went to Pendulo located in Polanco area, Mexico City, and found different kinds of Japanese books translated into English or Spanish.

Some are familiar to me like those of Haruki Murakami, but others were new to me even I am Japanese.

"Yo, el Gato(Me, the Cat)", originaly called "Waga hai wa Neko de Aru" in Japanese by Natsume Soseki. This is a kind of comical novel narrated from a point of view of a cat. This can be found in the Japanese text of Junior High schools. What surprised me the most is that its cover had Japanese letters (吾輩は猫である).

Yo, el gato by Natsume Soseki (吾輩は猫である)


The other interesting phenomenon in the international literal market is that so many comics so-called "Manga" is having too much popularity in the book stores as well as on the internet.

Being a 50-years- old guy, I manage to recognize classic Akira, but other titles were not familiar.

But I understand the enthusiasm of various generations keen on searching for their favorite titles.

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Of course, Ghibli collections of Hayao Miyazaki are available, but not as books to read as I was reading in my junior high school days in magazines, but as collectionablehardcover books to show their history.

There will be no need to mention Haruki Murakami's novels. But I must say that I feel proud that in one bookstore, you can find English collections and Spanish collections at a time. I have been one of his fans since my school days, I must confess that my favorite title is "Blind Willow and Sleeping Woman".